Centrifuge Z 446

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These high-volume centrifuges Z 446 achieve a throughput of 68 x 15 ml conical tubes or 28 x 50 ml conical tubes at a max.RCF of 3434/4346 xg. If higher speeds are required, we also offer e.g. an angle rotor with a max. RCF of 14532/16022 xg for 10 x 50 ml. The fixed-angle and swing-out rotors are suitable for almost all aplications in everyday use in clinical, industrial and research laboratories.

• Brushless induction drive
• Microprocessor control
• Active imbalance detection and cut-off
• Motor driven lid lock
• Automatic rotor identifi cation system with over speed protection
• Audible signal at the end of each run
• Emergency lid lock
• Stainless steel chamber
• Pre-selection of running time from 10 sec to 99h 59min or continious
• Simple one handed opertaion      
• Air cooling
• Autoclavable rotors

Display functions
• Diagnostic program
• Program memory for 99 programs
• Quick-key for short runs
• 10 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates, possibility of unbreaked deceleration
• Permanent indication of preset and actual values
• Pre-selection of speed or RCF in steps of 50/10 increments

• max. Speed: 16000 rpm
• max. RCF: 24325 xg
• max. Volume: 4 x 750 ml
• Speed range: 200 - 16000 rpm
• Running time: 59 min 50 s / 10 s increments, 99 h 59 min / 1 min increments
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 54 cm x 39 cm x 67 cm
• Weight: 79 kg

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Z446 Z446 High Capacity Centrifuge, without rotor
Z446-K Z446-K High Capacity Centrifuge, Refrigerated, without rotor
Z446-750 Swing Out Rotor, 4 x 750ml (Z446: 4000rpm/3434xg) (-K: 4500rpm/4346xg)
Z446-04500 Rotor, 4 x 500ml (8,000rpm/10,367xg)
Z366-06250 Rotor, 6 x 250ml (8000rpm/10,016xg)
Z326-0685 Rotor, 6 x 85ml (Z446: 11,000rpm/15,555xg) (-K: 13,000rpm/21,726xg)
Z326-0485 Rotor, 4 x 85ml (Z446: 15,000rpm/23,140xg) (-K: 16,000rpm/26,328xg)
Z326-0650-HS Rotor, 6 x 50ml (13,00rpm/15,869xg)
Z326-1050 Rotor, 10 x 50ml (Z446: 10,000rpm/14,532xg) (-K: 10,500/16,022xg)
Z326-1020 Rotor, 20 x 10ml (12,000rpm/15,775xg)
Z326-2420 Rotor, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml (16,000rpm/24,325xg)
Z326-2420H Rotor, 24 x 1.5/2.0ml Hermetically Sealed(16,000rpm/24,325xg)
Z326-4420 Rotor, 44 x 1.5/2.0ml (16,000rpm/24,039xg)
Z326-3202 Rotor, 4 x PCR Strips (15,000rpm/15,343xg)
Z326-02MP Rotor, 2 x 3 Microplates (4500rpm/2716xg)
  For a Complete list of accessories, please see the product literature.
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