A Lab-Pilot Freeze Dryer

Giá bán: Call

Mã sản phẩm: Sublimator 5

Thương hiệu: Zirbus

Bảo hành: 12 months

Zirbus Sublimator 5 Lab-Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot/Laboratory Freeze Drying Unit Sublimator 5

Freeze Drying Unit Sublimator 2-3-3

Two chamber system

vials closing and maniford version

Ideal for Development of Process Engineering / Research / Small Productions

Compact table top freeze dryer

Micro-processing control

Visible condenser

Cooling and heatable shelves made of stainless steel

Many variations for expansion

Outer dimensions: W 800 x H 650 x D 600 mm

Additional options:

maniford with 6 or 12 connections

Removable inner rack made of aluminium, with infra-red heating

Sealing system for vials

GMP conformity

N2-liquid cooling

Visualtization, Siemens operation system

Batch documentation systems

Glovebox connection

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Bình luận

Lab Spray Dryer BII-S151

12 tháng12 months

VaCo 5 Freeze Dryer

12 tháng12 months
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