Ultra low chest freezer

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Mã sản phẩm: TT 50-90 //logg and TT 85-90 //logg

Thương hiệu: Fryka - Germany

Bảo hành: 12 months

TT 85-90 //logg: Our large-sized lid has you covered: integrated data logger with memory capacity for up to 12 years. Cover with the largest possible opening angle enables convenient access to all your samples.

Optimum use of interior space: thanks to vacuum insulation panels (VIP), extensive interior space is provided together with compact exterior dimensions
- Improved energy efficiency compared to standard PU foam insulation
Extremely quiet cooling unit
Touchscreen control with colour display and integrated data logger for complete traceability
- User-friendly menu structure
- Real-time display of the temperature profile and of other parameters
- Recording of temperature profiles and of alarm events
- Integrated memory with storage capacity of up to 12 years
- Data can be read out for transfer to a PC via a USB port
- Remote access via a network / the Internet
- Comprehensive user administration
Maximum reliability thanks to an alarm system that is separate from the mains, with battery capacity for approx. 72 hours
- Display of the maximum temperature reached in the interior area during the fault
- Visual and acoustic alarm signal 
- Potential-free contact with the connection to an external alarm system
- Ethernet port (RJ45) 
- 100 mV/K output for connecting a temperature recording system 
High-grade stainless steel interior
Interior without fixtures enables easy cleaning and disinfection
Bushing (diameter 19mm), e.g. for temperature monitoring with external sensors
Lockable cover latch with lever action
Insulation cover with optimum sealing efficiency
- Profiled construction, as a result no interior cover required
- Magnetic seal with an additional sealing surface
- Door frame heating

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